Villeneuve Weekly is a newsletter I started as a result of the many responses I had from sharing my new daily fabrications on social media. It was also a direct response to being confined, letters seemed like a perfect way to communicate. As I kept seeing inspired my the produce and people locally and on social media, there grew an urge to share more thoughts and stories on the topics of community, terroir, agriculture, food, books …etc Sending a newsletter was for me the best way for people to engage in these shared topics. Instead of just stumbling upon a page or a website, people signed up to receiving a weekly letter, I could see who they were, so not just a stranger passing by and reading my deep thoughts. Villeneuve Weekly quickly evolved into a platform where I shared other people’s contributions, that part for me was the most interesting. These last two projects are ones I want to keep feeding and where I have established real links with a community through exchanging recipes, stories, thoughts and then results of those. Through this last step in my outcome, I was able to shape my research question which clearly stated the aim I wanted to give to my work, that is community engagement, building and giving the kick to build a community through a shared interest in Terroir.

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