Shooting the short film with a female friend of mine in the streets of East London turned out to be more stressful than planned. We were both harassed, felt unsafe and insecure during the whole process. I left feeling so frustrated it did not make sense to leave it this way. With the example of my latest interviews and the idea of transparency in the back of my mind, I decided to create a publication to accompany my short film in the midpoint exhibition. In this publication I shared not only the context behind the film but also the difficulties and the frustrations I felt as a female filming in the streets. In my understanding, sharing this experience would allow me to reach out to other female creatives that also experienced something similar (I had amazing feedback from female peers and a couple of women sharing their own similar stories with me) and open up a conversation about something that is not often discussed within the creative field – the behind the scenes of a project and the difficulties, frustrations and unexpected events that may occur in the process. This is something that I chose to revisit later on for one of my final outcomes (exhibition hypermembranE).

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