To celebrate Iklectik’s five year anniversary, we were asked to create a moving image piece that would incorporate the concept of ‘five’. After researching the number itself, experimenting with its form and meaning, I shifted my focus to the characteristics of the art venue and decided I would take a more abstract and subjective route. Visiting Iklectik means experiencing a wide range of sensations, so I chose to create an animated video representing five different human emotions. Here, influenced by the work of design legends such as Saul Bass, basic shapes and vibrant colours became protagonists. The project development process involved graphic, motion and sound design.

MOOD5 Video

A short journey through human feelings in five acts. MOOD5 is a motion graphics project using simple visual language to express happiness, suspiciousness, anger, sadness and calm. It is a response to my experience with Iklectik, a space in London that hosts performances of artists from all over the world.

Spatial Concept

A quick look into the spatial setup of MOOD5, created using Blender and After Effects.

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