In ancient Caribbean culture one of the main gods that is worshipped is Atabei. Her ruling is over all horizontal waters and she is seen as the mother earth figure. I took inspiration from sea life and sea myths to apply to aspects of the costume following the connection between divine femininity and water. I enjoy working with latex and wanted to explore with silicone which seemed like a compatible path to follow as a lot of sea life has a texture that can be achieved with these materials. “to all the woman in the world who were unaware of their heritage. You are descended from a long line of sacred females who have been respected and honored for thousands of years. Remember and make it so.” (Marija gimbutas (1999). The living goddesses. California: university of california press.) I came across this quote and it really resonated with me. It inspired me to follow an explorative pathway within my project. I was excited to learn more about the woman that came before myself and my heritage. The goal of the project was to successfully create a final garment(s) that demonstrated the meanings and concepts behind it.

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