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From 2018 to 2019, I visited several major cities on the ancient Silk Road, starting from the Central Plains region in the east, passing through northwestern China, crossing national borders, passing through Central Asia and Western Asia, and finally reaching Europe. I was shocked by the stories and cultural relics on the Silk Road, these things made me realize that the lives of people on ancient Eurasia are so gorgeous. They share their own national culture and clothing, exchange exquisite products they produce in trade, several religions can be freely spread in the same area, people of different races and countries live together to learn from each other and even become officials. I think this kind of openness is in a way that we cannot achieve today. This gives me a strong desire to discover it and praise it.

My main sources of research were antiques in museums, ancient or contemporary books and relevant rumors which are on the silk road. Most of them come from the fifth to the ninth centuries.  I picked some special characters in these stories as the prototypes, then I use my own design language and combine my research to depict their images. What they have in common is that these characters have been deified by people, and they all have a great relationship with cultural exchanges and national integration. I hope that this project is a tribute to the people on the Silk Road.


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