This work has three sound pieces that are played simultaneously. The first piece is of a man in his room humming to himself getting ready to get to work. The second one is sounds of a journey between Finchley Road and Baker Street. The time almost stands still between these two stations as this is one of the longest stops in my journey to King’s Cross where my school is. The third piece is the exit out of the station towards the fountain outside the school. During this work, I pull out the wire of the recorder to disconnect from this journey. A journey that was quiet disorienting at that time for me. It brought a lot of memories of the time I spent with my dad who lives in Bahrain, which is today, always a journey of reflection. The idea of borrowed time always crept into my head during the course of the journey, so it was essential to disconnect. The third piece also contained the wind sounds that I generated through my voice by mimicking the wind. You can also hear the steps of people around me. This experience is a personal one to several immigrants who try to make a new country home. There is always an over simulation of the senses caused by new sounds. I wanted to achieve that through this work. In the process of making it, I was reminded of the of college work of Marina Abramović and the works of John Cage. Disconnection is something that we need to ride on a daily basis in new territories. The work is more nostalgic of a time that I spent experimenting with my practice.

Wind Sounds Final

Train Sounds Loud

Waterfall Loud

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