In the last decade 35 per cent of the music venues have closed even though these are the places that contribute to London`s economy, provide jobs and possibilities for new talents to arise. This has happened because of the rising property values, business rates, planning system and local authority licensing requirements that increase the cost of putting on live music. The current goal of London is to become a Music Capital of the World with a set-up of `Music Zones` throughout the city. I believe that London is dependent on each area providing spaces of music working well independently as these parts together create an ecosystem of living and breathing organism of music which London aims to become. The client of project proposal is Argent - the developer of King`s Cross with a focus on placemaking and regeneration. Along with the redevelopment new spaces of living, learning and working have been created, however music as a value of placemaking has not been the priority in the development. As an architectural practitioner and past performer, I create an opportunity for musicians to meet their audience, develop their talents and try out new material. This goal is carried out through analysing the existing and creating new indoor and outdoor spaces of music in King`s Cross. The analysis can be used as a structural base for other neighbourhoods in London, enabling architects, city planners and developers to react to an issue of closing music venues in London with the aim to support live music venues, promote investment, and deliver spaces that provide musicians with necessary requirements for rehearsal and performance.

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