The work shown here is inspired by a consideration of inner and external spaces of social activity both within the human world and the world of the honeybee. This work seeks to explore the intrusive nature that humans place upon ourselves and of the world we share with the non human. Working with honeybees has enabled me to reflect and research though a direct relationship and of observations how as an artist and as a practicing beekeeper I tell a new story, of how I might offer a new story of working together. The selected individual, the queen bee is vital for the colonies survival, her activity units the collaborative. I explore the common ground between species and examine the relationship that we humans have with the honey bee and the relationship the honeybee has with her environment both that which is imposed upon her and that which is selected. I explore what the world looks like from the honey bees perspective. This work was explored with oil painting and making reference to perspective methods employed in the renaissance. Additionally encaustic wax making methods have been developed to enable sculptural elements to support the wall mounted work.

In isolation

...inside the hive


Oil on wood and canvas support

At home

Oil on wood and canvas support

Social spaces. Human made

Oil on wood and canvas support

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