Finding a bridge of common ground between the different worlds of human and non human. New territories, new stories yet to be told.

#finalyear #balance #ceramics #colour #environment #relationships

During the course of development of the MA project I considered how I might find a bridge that could be communicated between different worlds, one that as an artist I could share truthfully. I asked how could this be done where I did not use the honey bee overtly or directly in my work. And what if any is the shared common ground between human and non human? This line of questioning led me to innovate my own methods of wax painting on ceramic surfaces, this will be in greater evidence for the physical show later in the year where you will be able to participate, seeing into the world of what a honey bee might see, becoming honey bee for a moment. It is our extended imaginations that enable us this amazing ability to perceive and appreciate the worlds of others, of course we can never fully know what it is to be, a honeybee. The images below allude to what will be shown later, hopefully, and I trust will offer a surprise.

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