More than bare jewellery, Fabulae invites one to rethink, or reconsider, the concepts of durability and longevity, by portraying a narrative that unveils–be it literally, or figuratively–the beauty behind ephemerality (or, in this particular case, bioephemerality), and how indissociable it is from our own existence. All designs in this collection draw inspiration from and fuse the lost or endangered tongues, peoples and species inhabiting specific parts of the globe into one: one herald for each continent; portraying a single concept that is to be revealed over time, through the withering of its respective natural element. Overview: Fabulae Asia - Ancient Sanskrit; Fabulae Europe - Ancient Greek; Fabulae North America - Nahuatl; Fabulae Australia - Palawa Kani (TBD). A future photoshoot aims to depict each piece donning the body of an albino model, so as to form a direct complement to fabulae's narrative of (apparent) fragility whilst linking it to a condition all too observable along both fauna and flora.

f a b u l a e

collection overview pieces and video by sofia azevedo models by eric nehr, gustavo lacerda and vinicius terranova

fabulae asia

fabulae europe

fabulae australia

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