In preparation of the questions I found myself asking I set about considering through creative expression the organic and often uncomfortable nature of being part of the process of being, of being animal, of the fragile balance we all ( human and non human) participate in as time travellers, what are our responsibilities during this process, what value can I add to that conversation? As these questions arose my work as a creative practitioner who's work responds to rhythms of the seasons began to formulate, the following work I show began to form a personal reflection which by nature is universal in that these questions are not mine alone they are questions that we are all challenged to ask. How then do I as a creative practitioner embrace that wider dialogue? I hope the following work touches on the inclusive nature of my creative practice. The work often led by its reflections in the use a variety of different mediums, here for example I show a shell like ceramic plaster piece which due to its fragile nature will not last but for a period of time offers its own story as are the paintings which offer similar territories of unfolding new stories.


Plaster and red pigment. How do we proceed?


Oils on white ground and wood support. 20cm x 20cm


Oils on white ground and wood support. 108cm x 114cm

Yellow door

Oils on white ground and wood support.60cm x 80cm

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