Sarah-Athina Nahas - profile image

Sarah-Athina Nahas - Graduate

Wimbledon College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting

About me

 I dismember, assemble, and rearrange parts of bodies, parts of myself, because I see the body as an internal landscape full of potentiality and ultimately full of beauty. No one could disagree with the fact that we all have one, and that it is through it that we process and experience the “things of life”. It is this very “physiological body” that binds us to this fatality of living, to our immediate reality, to one other, and that enables us to relate to each other. This cumbersome machine is our treasure chest of stored away stories, endless sensations, buried pains, and data base of emotions. In a word, it is our big box of flesh that makes us human… and vulnerable.



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