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I was born and raised in Calcutta, India, I graduated from Manipal University with a BA in Mass Communication. After graduating I worked with ARTH the collective on several films, commercials, conceptual films, branded content in the capacity of a writer, director and editor, developing my skills in filmmaking. I like to delve into personal histories of people, objects and transcend them it into film, my work is mostly auto-ethnographic, studying oneself around the society and culture. Coming to UAL, I have learnt the intricacies involved in making a film and it has only made my practice and future goals more lucid. My dissertation was on "Translating Personal Experiences into Cinematic, through a journey of narrative healing: How Auto-ethnography stimulates filmmaking process".Currently, I am about to graduate from the MA Film program in Directing Pathway from UAL, which I attended on a partly-funded postgraduate scholarship. While in London,I have also worked as freelance editor for Grey Moth Studios and as a Post-Production Specialist Technician at LCC apart from working on my portfolio.I am looking to gain more hands-on experiences and network with the right people in the industry to build my career as an Independent Filmmaker.


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