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Aurelia Chiffe

London College of Fashion

MA Fashion Photography

About me

Aurelia is a young French Fine Art & Fashion Photographer. After a Masters in Fashion Photography at the London College of Fashion and a Bachelor in Fine Arts & Scenography at Monaco’s Art School she is now working between London & Paris. Often calling herself a « photographer – scenographer » she likes to think photography as a theater where anything can happen and does not hesitate to stage herself. Most of her images are very theatrical and she likes to play with symbols and stereotypes to challenge them. In our time and age where selfie sticks and Instagram rule our world, photography is more than ever challenged and people consume images without even taking time to look at them. Using humor and irony as her weapons it is also this notion of taking time to look around us that Aurelia tends to explore in her work. Find out more: instagram: aureliachiffe

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