Ana Ungureanu - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Costume for Performance

About me

My name is Ana-Maria Ungureanu, and I hold a BA in Costume for Performance from London College of Fashion, a prestigious institution within the University of the Arts London. Alongside my degree, I have been working on establishing my own fashion label, while also gaining valuable experience in the fashion and skincare retail industry.I firmly believe that the boundaries between fashion and costume are becoming increasingly blurred, therefore, the valuable knowledge gained from my course aligns with my vision and ambitions. I aspire to shape a more inclusive and androgynous market and to create captivating, genderless garments that redefine conventional norms. Moreover, I am committed to exploring new sustainable technologies, recognising the need for environmentally conscious practices in the fashion industry.Throughout my academic journey and professional experiences, I have cultivated diverse skills. By effectively balancing my studies with work commitments, I have honed invaluable abilities in time management and proactivity, enabling me to easily navigate complex tasks.From a young age, I had the fortune of discovering my true passion and witnessing the results of my hard work fills me with joy and fulfilment. As I embark on this exciting journey, I am filled with anticipation, eager to uncover new possibilities.



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