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Hi, I am a technical support team member and I am helping students with web submission. Lots of students experiencing the same issues and I was trying to help, but issue still persist. The issues are: The Preview of the completed page/website is not showing – blank page.

To fix the issue, we deleted all pages first, then created all new 5 pages, we resized images to fit into place-holders (1024 x 768 pix for horizontal place-holder and 512 x 768 pix for two vertical images on split-screen layout);

we make sure that all images are named correctly – short titles, no space, no characters like comas/brackets, etc.;

we completed all sections – text boxes, tags, images, profile’s all sections, additional project, etc.

After all re-do we are still experiencing problems:

1. no preview – blank page
2. Profile shows of 88% completion only?
3. Instagram connection button-link will show error-page-connection message

Hope you can help us soon and let us know where are our mistakes, so we know how to resolve the problem and help students, thank you.

Here is the link to the student’s presentation, that I worked with student as described above:

Thank you,


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