I want to report an error or a problem

Please can you advise Leisha on the technical issues;

Thank you very much for yourself and everyone else involved with creating the Graduate Showcase online and also for extending the Graduate Showcase deadline to this date.

However, I have been working on my submission and have been trying to upload parts at different times during this week and nearly every time I have experienced difficulties. Either with uploading images and it being held on loading sign and not moving anywhere or filling out information then it not saving on the platform or going straight to the website failure page. I understand you have been sending regular emails encouraging us to upload early as possible to avoid website crashing. But today once I had the final images and each title and description ready for submission it has been crashing and not loading and not saving the work that does eventually load.

Is tonight the very very last deadline or will there be any exceptions or possibly a timetabled slot for individuals who have been trying to upload, to be able to upload their work onto the platform (I think timetabled slots would hopefully stop the site from crashing if this is due to the platform being overloaded with traffic, or if it is just down to website failure then can we have another chance at being able to submit? Or even if we hand all the information over to a technician to submit?)
I would really really love to be a part of the graduate showcase and it would be a real shame if I couldn’t due to the website crashing, and myself being one of the later students to upload my work.

Please let me know your thoughts and any information whether I will still be able to submit.



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