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Jake Hasapopoulos - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

Born. 2000. Minnesota, USA.Through the exploration of American Mythologies, Political Debauchery, and Violent Hegemony, a return-to-the-womb childlike exploration is created, referencing Christian theology, and my relationship to it, in hopes of understanding and characterizing discomfort and trauma. Forming an adventure to the deepest sectors of religious and political practice through empathy and understanding (I'm the worst dinner guest). Finding the inner child in the misunderstood and misguided. I strive to locate the evil in “good” places and the good within the demonized. This is a compulsion towards understanding the phenomenons of humanity. This is the search for magic I have been obsessed with since I found out Santa wasn’t real. It is a compulsive journey for the magical, extra-terrestrial and supernatural. Throughout this “hero’s journey” I have found solace within chaos. Things like Political policing, Deep Web manifestos, Cult theology, and Christian hierarchy, have brought me turmoil that felt like magic. This dark magic skewed my perception of societal structure thus giving me the ability to resonate with the ones targeted by this oppressive structure as well as de-construct this evil and find the hidden purity within it. I strive to create an artistic language that communicates between the sectors of “good” and “evil”, one that explicitly takes from both parties and blends them till they are indistinguishable, causing a loss of perception and the ability to view societal structure from a baby’s eye, like a born-again’s disposition, or a psychedelic re-wiring. The intrusive change of perception by an external source causes a traumatic shift in disposition. When my aunt told me “the end times are coming” while we sat in her Iowa home, there was an immediate new beginning to my understanding of the world. When I would spiral out of control hearing the words “Heaven is Forever” in Sunday School there was an immediate new beginning to my understanding of the world. This psychological rift is what fosters real learning. The explicit and absurd coat your mind like swarming ants and force you to figure out how to not let them take over. You must have to make your own decisions when you hear things you couldn’t fathom someone saying, don’t you? I am piecing together the political, religious and social structures that control and shape us and trying to find a real truth within all this, all the while paying homage to the deviations from these structures. I am searching for reverence in the irreverent and devoting myself to falsely inferior lifestyles. I am obsessively trusting Chresmomancy. I am inbreeding hegemony and impotence, to create an indistinguishable language of new perception. I am a minnesotan pre-teen laughing, then crying, then laughing again through this “less than intellectual” journey to give reverence to the seemingly inferior fractions of culture…



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