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Louie Wittner

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

About me

Louie Wittner, an artist, photographer, and creative director, draws inspiration from the striking dualities of human existence. He critiques the Western pursuit of freedom and wealth as futile endeavors in the quest for fulfillment and happiness. Growing up in York, a beautiful yet quiet town in the North of England, Louie captures his obsession with consumption and lifestyle through a voyeuristic lens. His work often delves into themes of privilege and excess, translating these ideas into dramatic, cinematic imagery.In 2021, Louie moved to London to explore and better understand the world of wealth and 'success.' Yet this journey left him conflicted, torn between the limited opportunities of his hometown and the superficiality of the capital's economic success. His experiences highlight a world where the pursuit of freedom and happiness feels imposed, driving unfathomable exploitation and environmental destruction.Louie is passionate about creating works that transcends its immediate role in the fashion industry, aiming to convey complex meanings. He strives to marry his frustrations of the world with his creative passions, challenging the unsustainable nature of modern life and thought. Through his work, Louie seeks to provoke conversation and inspire change, creating work that he hopes can act as a representation of contemporary affairs through his lens.


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