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Fashion Designer/Seamstress/Illustrator Experienced in both Menswear and Womenswear Contact: Bigotry strives where we are silenced by fear and in the modern world today, complex gender issues has been the cause of people being increasingly persecuted, bullied, harassed, discriminated against, killed and even denied basic human rights (Steele, 2013). These individuals are the inspiration for this project. The purpose of these stories is to create awareness, connect people, change opinions, open minds and enable countries and other institutions to change policies and procedures. Persecution and discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity must come to an end. Bonded seeks to eliminate gender identity discrimination in the society today. Credits: LCF F&F Show held on the 21st July, 2016 at 11am Photos: Ruby Rose, Harmony Boucher, Laverne Cox, Balian Buschbaum

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