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Poppy Tilbury

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

In my artistic practice, I delve into what I term 'Pop’s Culture', a playful nod to my nickname 'Pops', to explore the intricate layers of popular culture. This exploration is deeply rooted in my personal fascination with media, celebrity, and character. I am predominantly an oil painter but dabble in video art and editing. I draw inspiration from Hito Steyrel's Poor Image theory and work to stylise the pixelated into dream-like imagery, challenging the conventional hierarchy of digital images. My exploration of 'Pop Culture' investigates the joining of low culture, low-class imagery, and formal artistic expression. An important aspect of my work is that all titles are ‘untitled’. I am fascinated by reference. I enjoy the idea of spotting a niche or casual reference rather than a clear nod which is often done using language, such as a title. Instead, I like to leave space for interpretation or recontextualisation.




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