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Anouska Komlosy

Chelsea College of Arts

Graduate Diploma Fine Art

About me

I am an ‘anthropologist who draws’, a mother who practices anthropology with art. I have carried out long-term fieldwork in China. My time as an ethnographer taught me to question the assumed inevitability of our own cultural ways of being. My extensive training in language, Buddhist practice, visual arts and photography whilst in China also helped forge my creative expression. I make small 2D illustrations and larger multi-layered displays. In making these displays I draw on my experience as a curator, educator and published academic. I work across media, employing film, photography, line drawing and the provocative juxtaposition of ready-mades. My work is illustrative in the broadest sense, it uses both the written word and image to tease out hidden connections. I tackle the complexity of how and why we build the social and cultural worlds we do. Put simply my work is about power: cosmic; natural and social. Challenging the status quo means there is also a social element in my work. This practice challenges received ideas of gender, race, ethnicity and motherhood. Indeed, it is motherhood and the marginalisation of mothers within the art world that has been my recent focus.



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