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Yuanlong ChenBorn in 1993 in Changsha, China, Bachelor's degree from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, MA fineart drawing at University of the Arts London Camberwell,Chen Yuanlong now lives and works in London. His work draws on traditional Chinese ink painting and Western abstraction, dating back to Analytical Cubism and Synthetic Cubism, as well as 1960s Op Art derived from Bauhaus geometry. At the same time, some of his works also deal with the early doctrines of colour and light and the Object School of modern art, while others touch on the mise-en-scène still life paintings of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, especially the latter, which are mostly composed of complex and trivial overlapping structures, as in the contemporary information explosion of the Internet age. As a new generation of young abstract artists he has exhibited his work throughout China. Major exhibitions include Yuan Order - Chen Yuanlong Solo Exhibition (Wang+ Gallery, Shenzhen), Non-Parallel Yuan Universe - Chen Yuanlong and Huang Yuan Solo Exhibition (Yuehu Shi Contemporary Art Centre, Changsha), Young Art 100 Annual Exhibition (Guardian Art Centre, Beijing), Alice and the Snake - Chen Yuanlong Solo Exhibition (Lifan Art Museum, Shenzhen), Inter-outh International Youth Painting Exhibition (China Academy of Art Art Museum, Hangzhou)


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