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Clementine Woodard

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Embroidery

About me

Clementine Woodard Is a British embroidery designer based in London who specialises in luxury fashion accessories. Growing up in Wiltshire, England, where her love for designing and making began, she draws inspiration from nature, home décor and youth turning this into intricate textile outcomes. At London College of Fashion she learnt the specialist embroidery skills she needed and therefore discovered her passion for embroidered accessories along with editorial creative direction and styling. Clementine’s distinctive style is shown through bold pattern and illustrative designs, this reflects in her vibrant and playful aesthetic. Having a prominent focus on creating accessories and textile pieces which make every day looks evoke a colour and joy, Clementine’s work offers a modern sophistication with a touch of quirk helping the wearer express their creativity and individuality. Her work is driven by a strong fascination for playing with techniques which manipulate fabric, transporting pieces to have layers of dimension. She uses many different methods of craft such as cut work, applique, pleating and finishes of hand embroidery. Every piece is diligently crafted, blending her own personal photography and illustrations with high-quality fabrics sourced contentiously for their luxury feel but durability. Creating statement brooches, striking earrings, stylish bags and quaint socks, Clementine caters for a market who seek to experiment by adding pops of fun into day time outfits or yearn for bespoke pieces for special events. Every item is a labour of love and handcrafted made to order in London, England. Every piece is made to the highest standard, making sure every thread and bead is sewn to make the customer feel they are a part of the creative and modern thinking community Clementine has created. 


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