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Rachele Terrinoni - Graduate

London College of Fashion

MA Costume Design for Performance

About me

I studied at the Accademia di costume e di moda in Rome, graduating in 2010. Since 2006 I have been working as costume designer and maker, assistant, stylist and fashion designer of handmade products. As costume designer/ maker and therefore a sort of storyteller, I design the full look of the characters (including hairdresser and hairstyle, make up and accessories), using the costume as a tool to portrait both the phsycology and role of the characters. Not only do I give a strong relevance to the research behind the costume but also to the texture, the breaking down techniques and the color palette used to create the image of the characters. I do believe that the right costume may helps performer in the acting and creative process. My passions are theatre, cinema, art, good books, traveling, knitting and art crafts.



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