Gabriel Orengo-Walter - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture

About me

The industrial aesthetic hinges on modularity: I-beams are surely the most base level of modularity in building construction, able to be constructed into almost any style of building. Likewise in construction, scaffolding is another modular system that has even surpassed buildings, being used for furniture and other interior design. I often approach my art as a problem-solving exercise- employing modular systems to build my Industrial art from its respective Industrial photograph/s. The ironmonger’s or builder’s merchants or the farmer’s market, all have these metal/ plastic tools and components designed to be used in the respective industries. As an artist, though, I see these as the modular, as an object with certain male or female parts that may be of perfect size to interact with another object from another industry.


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