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Maya Finkelstein Amrami - Graduate

London College of Fashion

Research Programme PhD

About me

I am the by-product of the society I live in, an extract of the urban technological realm. I am computer literate. I have a website I update frequently as well as Facebook and Instagram to display my thought process and work. I never use a writing pad – I use my iPhone to compile notes, ideas, inspirations and shopping lists. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, an individual, part of a social entity, a volunteer. I am preoccupied with social issues. Like others, I am a participant in networks consisting of extensive chains of connections. I am part of the intertwined social, political and gendered structures of my time. I am the artist. My work utilises the digital helpers and fixers – the camera, iPhone, phone applications, edits and Photoshop. I employ the most accessible means of print technology possible today: digital print, screen print, stencil, painting and collage, on top of diverse modern papers and fabrics, such as tracing paper, inkjet paper, cotton rags, canvas, silk, satin, lycra and viscose. When printing on fabric I also use manipulations to create distressed effects, through hand dye, bleach, painting, embroidery and stitching. I use and document fractions of my reality – images of my own home, my studio and routine as well as places I visit, books I read, people surrounding me. Nothing is too precious –the daily, yet unforgettable, traces of life.



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