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Jo Hogg - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development

About me

The creative arts has always been something that has inspired me throughout my early life. English and History were my favourite subjects in secondary school and I went on to study them in A-Level with a plan to study Journalism. However, a change of heart and a desire to chase my artistic passions, I chose to study Fashion Design and Development at London College of Fashion.With no artistic background, I didn't study Art related subjects in secondary or A-Level, I cobbled together a portfolio to submit and take to the interview. Looking back now, the portfolio was painfully amateur and made no sense, but my drive and passion must have shone through as I was offered a place on the course that day. Beginning my degree was a steep learning curve. But eventually, after determination and a lot of sleepless nights, I began to succeed as much as my peers who had come from art backgrounds themselves. For one of my first projects (and the first thing I ever designed and made) I made a vest with a Jean-Paul Gaultier style bullet bra silhouette. Despite the flaws in the execution, I've still kept that piece as it reminds me of how far I've come but also how proud I was in that moment to have made something entirely myself. During the rest of my degree I began to flourish, and quickly became an all-rounder. I enjoyed the process from research and design, to pattern making and machining. During the development of my graduate collection, I flourished when designing collage posters, concept reports and prints. I created a set of screen print designs that could be collaged together on fabric. As well as this element I created two puffer jackets with the puffed sections designed in spirals. The logical side of my brain enjoys creative pattern cutting and seeing a 2D image come together in a 3D realisation.



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