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Camberwell College of Arts

MA Fine Art

About me

“I am a creator of a unique blend of dark humour and delicate childhood experiences, a three-year-old kid in the art world. ”My artworks encompass a diverse range of media, including drawings, sculptures, and installations, all of which delve deeply into intricate themes. One of my central ideas revolves around the delicate equilibrium between the inner and outer worlds, my art explores the human pursuit of happiness, unearthing profound explorations of hedonism, cultural identity, and an unwavering love for nature.I employ multiple media and interdisciplinary approaches in my artworks. Each piece offers a distinct experience. Some, under the moonlight, transport the viewer into an immersive world of mysterious purple hues, and the blissful tranquilly. Others exude a raw and provocative sexuality, embracing kinkiness and fetish undertones akin to the aftermath of a wild party. My creations can also be seen as symbolic, laden with ominous omens that spark contemplation.At the heart of my creations lies a duality of happiness and pain, delivered through a surrealistic lens. With a playful and humorous touch, my art embodies the current human pursuit of happiness and the blissful tranquillity that follows when the inner and outer worlds find equilibrium. The unique characteristics and textures of the materials themselves are harnessed skillfully and explored to the point when they're almost like me. Take things like a Laser Cutter, so it's all wood, it's like I often take them to the point of their utmost fragility, where they start to decompose and almost break, allowing the audience to embark on a figurative tightrope walk, clutching a balance pole, symbolising the harmonious dance of existence. 



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Purple Mist

Added 25 January #finalyear


Added 25 January #finalyear

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