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Halla Armannsdottir - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Knit

About me

Halla Lilja incorporates her personal experiences, Icelandic heritage and environment into her designs, with the objective of having her work serve as vessels for storytelling, or modern day sagas. Her work is rooted in a deep respect for traditional craftsmanship as evinced in her elegant application of intricate hand knitting traditions. Ultimately, Halla Lilja’s work revolves around pushing traditional techniques to the edge in order to create innovative and individualistic pieces. Halla Lilja explores the connection between many ways that humans influence nature, and how growth and decay happen over time. She is driven by a vision of a sustainable future that preserves valuable aspects of our craft traditions. Ultimately, Halla Lilja believes in the value of the creative process and that valuable endeavours take careful thought and time.During her studies at the London College of Fashion, Halla Lilja developed her craft by exploring different ways of combining her hand knitting heritage with domestic knitting and crocheting. She continues to be inspired by traditional stitch work and techniques all while looking for sophisticated ways to break up patterns, whether they be cultural or material, and push them into unconventional shapes.


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