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Charlie Parsons

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

I am a biomorphic artist who creates works influenced by my research into the body, nature and the soft life movement. My work features lots of repeating patterns or is made using a repetitive process (such as rug tufting) to mimic the forms and kinesthetics of nature. I am drawn to materials that are physical; sculpting landscapes, topographical maps of bodies and landforms through my hands on, laborious process.My practice grows, it flows, it sinks, it swims. It is the light dancing on the fragile surface of cold water. It is the feeling of being fully submerged. It is bubbling, it is still. It is blues and greens and yellows - an amalgamation of a natural rainbow. It is quietude, it is meandering, it is curved and calculated, it is uncertain but knowing. It is holding your breath, filling your lungs, releasing its energy. It is closing your eyes, focusing on the dancing shapes lining the backs of your eyelids as they fade into darkness.




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