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Keisuke Takeda - Graduate

Chelsea College of Arts

Graduate Diploma Fine Art

About me

My artwork is based on the theory that all aesthetical artworks originate from a dialogue between you and the universe, your spirit and body, you and artifacts, you and nature, and you and I. In these dialogues, human beings have been discovering new senses and values. I call this notion ‘Resonance’. I believe that poetry began to represent Resonance for the first time in history. For instance, celebrated poet Arthur Rimbaud said in his letter (1870) : "For I is someone else If brass wakes up a trumpet, it is not it`s fault. This is obvious to me: I am present at this birth of my thought: I watch it and listen to it: I draw a stroke of the bow: the symphony makes it`s stir in the depths, or comes on to the stage in a leap". For me, this quotation proves the human ability to be resonant. Therefore, my artwork utilizes poetry and poetical works as a motif. My artwork has been pursuing Resonance.



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