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Tuna Otcu - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Menswear

About me

I'm an UAL/London College of Fashion graduate with a BA in Fashion Design and Technology. Coming from a multicultural background, I was born in Istanbul where I was exposed to a melting pot of history and heritage. I continued my education in an Italian institution in Istanbul and then moved to Milan. Later, pursuing my challenge orientation towards a more dynamic and agile environment, I moved to London and worked on developing my skills, mindset, and spirit into an entrepreneurial and forward thinking nature. With this aim I studied at UAL and took multiple long- term internship opportunities with various brands. I did find the chance to observe how a simple idea could impact large masses of people while how big scale initiatives could fail. I believe I gained solid exposure to the field reality while improving my creativity and my approach to branding and design in general. At this stage, I would like to see myself as a part of an organization with 21st century thinking and innovation.


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