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Ruby Sanders - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Print And Time-Based Media

About me

I enjoy capturing everyday scenes and morphing them into surreal nightmares. I love finding the beauty in the ugly, for an example, dead animals, spiders, scratched paint, old run down buildings. When I am able to look at an image after I have edited it and see the beauty in the colours, texture and its depth, that is when I am proud of my work. While I work mostly with dark imagery I also enjoy playing with reflections and light, capturing a glimmer or a sparkle and then contrasting it with my darker work creates an unsettling, unpredictable and dreamlike world. I use my Films and Photography as an outlet. I have learnt that there is no better way of channeling any anger, confusion or upset than by making it into something you can be proud of.. This method of using my emotions to my advantage has built my confidence and has inspired all of my work. I hope you enjoy



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