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Wimbledon College of Arts

MFA Fine Art

About me

In my practice, I use the medium of installation and video to explore topics such as consciousness, media, and information with my experiences. The inspiration for the work bursts out of a sense of movement and indeterminacy, which is influenced by the philosopher Jean Baudrillard's theory. He believed that the mass media initially reflected reality, then disguised reality, and finally replaced reality completely. In contemporary society, the media has become an inevitable connection between reality and us. While we are addicted to the media, we gradually lose our judgment and are restricted by the media. This discourse is reflected in my working methods and materials. For example, in my past work, I used newspapers to make toilet paper, and I turned the information into an essential "consumable" in our lives. And we are filling half-true information into our consciousness every day. In this way, I further explore the authenticity of the information and the significance of its existence. But in my later works, I gradually shifted the focus from exploring the authenticity of the content to exploring the medium. I began to pay more attention to the impact of the newspaper instead of the content of the news. So I expressed the influence and imprisonment of the media on my thoughts by weaving the newspaper into a mesh structure. This reflects that we have gradually lived in our "web of significance".



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