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Anya Hassett - Graduate

Wimbledon College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture

About me

My work is multi-disciplinary and features installation, photography, video, drawing and digital collage, with a combination of playful approaches and more formal sculptural process. Aesthetically, form and colour lead the way, meaning that what follows has a casual, shonky feel to it. The domestic environment influences and informs my work; particularly how the spaces in which we dwell can bring us a two-fold experience of both comfort and discomfort. It seems to me that the objects we surround ourselves with – whether by choice or by chance - shape our interaction with the physical world. Across my work, there’s an inquest in to experiences or events which occur within our domestic spaces and how they might alter our relationship with the outside world. My interest in undistinguishable boundaries and liminal spaces often sits in the water, where the line that divides the above and below is transient and constantly moving. This line has a tension I am constantly trying to replicate, something that so solidly determines air from water. Through this I often bring a fluidity to solid objects I make, through amorphic form.



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