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Imogen Allen - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting

About me

Having grown up in the wild, untamed landscape of South West Cornwall, the organic and elementaI permeate throughout my paintings as traces of my own experiences. Primarily work with oil paint, print-making and pastels my imagery explores the interaction between our minds, bodies and the body of the world. The potential of the mind is felt through imaginative, dream-like interpretations of forms within my images in which I hope my viewers feel something of accessing an alternative dimension. My interests in the bodily materiality of paint and the object of the painting however, brings reality to these dimensions, breaking down the bounderies between what is within and without. Recently, a great affinity with the philosophy of phenomenology, has supported this understanding of a fluid, bodily existence of metamorphosis and symbiosis. These underpinnings to my work harmonise with a growing ecological understanding of our world, which is essentially the scientific investigation of the interconnecting web of existence. The somewhat diagrammatic nature of my work has allowed me to express these intangible ideas through images and symbols. For example, a recent subject of mine was the visualisation of the invisible wavelengths of sound, exploring the idea that painting can express the inter-relation of our senses. The sensually engaging, psychological impact of colour drives my decision making within painting. I want my work to provoke multiple interpretations and questions for it’s viewer, and see each image as a space for contemplative projection.


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