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Omaia Jallad - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Textile Design

About me

Being a detail oriented person, I have always found interest in observing everyday objects and preserving their memories as a form of luxury, which could be defined as a “fluid enticement”, or a dream that goes beyond the product, and orbits the whole experience, which in a busy and intrusive world, is highly appreciated. Where people value time and space for enjoying special moments and extraordinary experiences, focusing on translating luxury from the tangible into the intangible, allowing a greater form of opulence that lies within oneself, which takes the wearer to a different setting. Therefore my core focus in my work is to give my found/collected objects its missing value, by taking them from their original environment and placing them in my samples, where my samples become a form of time travel to the narratives and the memories they hold, in a fast paced and technologically oriented present, where the beauty in the things we usually neglect is magnified, thus blurring the lines between objects, whether they are manmade or organic.


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