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Constanza Robertstad Garcia Benito Marques Guedes - Graduate

Wimbledon College of Arts

MFA Fine Art

About me

As an artist, and in my art, I tend to use organic materials, industrial materials, and theoretical concepts,in a theatrical way. I like to see the performance and relationship these materials and concepts have with each other, as well as noting how they (must) come together. In my work, I usually use flowers, seeds, eco paper, wood, and metal. I like to see and understand the ironies and stories that uphold unspoken social constructions. It has become clear to me that ‘nature’ and ‘women’ are quite analogous concepts rooted in ethnocentric and male-dominated understandings of society. Being both Norwegian and Portuguese – and having lived in both countries and in the UK – I experienced some aspects of the overlapping relationship between sustainability and feminism in many of its varying (international) ways. I let myself go, I let myself explore, and I let myself see... I have been exposed to different policies and governmental approaches to sustainability and feminism, and I have seen how it feels to be a woman in different societies and cultures. It is my understanding that approaches to sustainability and feminism are interlinked, in ways that fit the Western overall men-dominated framework of operation. A connection and link I explore through my art, as a self-proclaimed eco-feminist, as I draw on conceptualisations that connect ‘humans’ and ‘the natural’.


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Armshare Theorising

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Social Moulding

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