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hong zhao - Graduate

London College of Fashion

MA Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear)

About me

I would like to document the beauty of the un-sightly, illustrate the nature of the object as its user’s portrait, illuminate the stretching of time, and embody the art of improvisation. I always think about what cultural shame is and why we want to hide the heritage which we think is not perfect. Some young people treat traditional culture and aesthetic with disdain because they don’t want to be seen as having “kitsch taste”, which is usually very present in the lower class of society. influenced by western culture, many typical Asian features became the symbol of ”ugly“. When I was a child I felt ashamed of my narrow eyes, the reason being a lack of cultural confidence, however, with the rapid development of China, and the growing hate for our country by other countries, I started to build up my confidence and accept my cultural heritage.


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