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Wimbledon College of Arts

MA Drawing

About me

My practice reflects the exploration of my cultural origins towards finding inner harmony. My drawings follow a very personal experience of displacement which creates a sense of missing ambiance that I am trying to address through drawing. In my drawing practice which is transforming my memories of living experience in two contrasting worlds of Iran and Canada, pattern and repetition play an important role. Pattern and geometry are the means to reflect my chaotic perceptions that my mind has collected them so far. My previous studies in architecture have helped me develop a deeper understanding of my surroundings. After years of studying and gaining experience working as an architect and urban designer, I am now ready to challenge myself even further.My work expresses my understanding of ancient Persian architectural principles such as space hierarchy, centralism, vertical axis, and orientation. These principles had been used symbolically to create a feeling of unity in order to reach eternity.I aim to use this understanding of tradition as the means to define and express harmony, unity, proportion, order, and balance in different aspects of my art.

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