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Antony Wilder - Graduate

Central Saint Martins

MA Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies

About me

My work focuses on the effects of power and surveillance, and the divisions created in society, the effects on mind, body and psyche of people. I manipulate, mould and shape materials into forms that mediate anxiety, tension, and abuse as a way to open a discussion which keep us from experiencing a centre in our lives. My art draws attention to the environment in which it is installed, and plays with space and architecture, provoking a dialogue between myself, power, and nature. If technology reveals, and power controls, the human is constantly engaged in reclaiming power by revealing themselves through technology. Observing, is an invaluable part of my practice, and supports my ability to read the semiotics of performances in the media, fake news, politicians, and their actions. I reflect on my experience with the environment, politics, and the behavioural pattern of people, and constantly engage with the external world developing my responses to defining moments that drive an internal process which becomes the work.



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