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Zhen Wu, known as Wowser Ng (b.1998), is a China-born, London-based visual artist. He sells artworks in the Japanese gallery “TRiCERA”. Wowser got a letter of recommendation from Steve Brodner in 2019 then he continued to study at UAL for his Master's degree in 2021. His artworks were selected for the 5th Fida Awards Final List, ijungle illustration award 2021-New Talent in 2022.He has designed fashion illustrations for many brands, including YSL, L 'Oreal Paris, and Chery Automobile, and co-designed the artwork 《Mirror Garden》with Florentia Village in 2021. Wowser has exhibited globally, including Shanghai exhibition center, Beijing 798 Art District, The Holy Art galley, TRiCERA ART, Tableaux Voices of a NYC Victorian Salon, Central Saint Martins Museum. His works are collected by Central Saint Martins Museum and collectors in Shanghai, Wuhan, Tokyo and London.In 2022, his artworks were featured in Contemporary Art Curator magazine and Contemporary Art Collectors.Artist Statement"Fast," "hype," "packaging," brings extravagant material consumption, as well as symbolic business culture, which makes the power of the individual irresist the tide swept. Therefore, it easily leads the public to succumb to the quick and temporary popularity.The essence of pop art is to deconstruct thoughts, which is a kind of ideology of deconstruct and remodel. It is anti-historical and anti-classical, and often takes social figures of the masses and it copies the original appearance of life as the basic elements of creation. But this empty “art” is over-interpreted, which makes the empty subject matter more superficial.The existence of pop culture further defines the connotation of the commodity as anti-art, which makes the commodity and commerce as a symbol of overturning high spirits attack traditional art.My works combine fashion, illustration and fine art. Art can be a trend, but it can't just be a "commodity". Through narrative context with fashion style, I construct paintings with personal concepts. My works use fashion products to form context, and explore topics such as consumerism and feminism witin appropriation. I criticise and reflect the influence of fast fashion and trendy culture.


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