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BA (Hons) Fashion Textiles: Embroidery

About me

Thanseela Abdul Kabeer is a British Indian textiles designer based in London who specialises in the embroidery design. She was born in Kerala, India and raised in the UK. This experience of being brought up in two different cultural environments has enabled her to build a space of self-expression through her design work. Thanseela has been fortunate to do a live industry menswear collaboration project for her customer Bianca Saunders, where she understood the true value of working in a team in order to bring a textiles collection together. Seeing the initial drawing to the final finished sample is what inspires this designer to create.Her graduate collection, ‘Emotion’, was released in June 2022. This project was initiated after watching a documentary about Finland being the happiest country in the world, which made her question how a country would be classified as happier than another country. Thanseela gained inspiration for her concept of ‘Emotion’ by exploring colour and nature which led her to question the importance of developing emotional intelligence and experiences in life. She was able to better understand her theme by conducting surveys and concluding that one needs different emotional experiences to appreciate life's ups and downs. 



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