Evaldas Gulbinas - profile image

Evaldas Gulbinas - Graduate

Chelsea College of Arts

MFA Fine Art

About me

Evaldas Gulbinas is exploring creativity through different types of art forms. Taking source from tattoo artist's job, which has been involved in his art practice. Evaldas is interested in people's reaction, mentality and mental state, which is why so many weird faces appear in his work. Evaldas likes to communicate to people through his art by making a bunch of art through tattoos, sculptures, drawings and mixed media- he gets endless creativity visions and satisfaction. At this moment, Evaldas is interested in Drawing and sculpture, which has been mixing up together by making art through craft. He is interested in building his craft skills as the job he works for living. His art practice experiences abstract, unique language and humanism motifs. Evaldas works in constructivism taste, which makes his art practice more complicated, as he has many difficulties and complications in his life.



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