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Kaiman zhang is a female designer. Her designs are often centred on healing herself, with each piece revolving around a period of trauma for the designer herself, and each piece she creates is a healing session for the designer herself. Topics such as childhood healing, gender issues, and death reconciliation are among them. This project ‘Hugs Game’ is a way for the designer to heal herself as a child and embrace the 8-year-old designer who was crying. It is also hoped that this project will make more families aware of the disease, or give more love to family members through the game. In the future, the project will initially be placed in a psychiatric clinic as an experiment and then, hopefully, it will be set in a psychological clinic as a trial, to ensure that the game can be used as an educational tool. After it's been confirmed that this is feasible, it will be sold as children‘s toys, which will be readily available for purchase. The' Hugs Game aims to make family members more aware of the illness and to give emotional support. In the future, if more families with small children start to pay more attention to children's mental health, they will not feel stigmatized for having mental problems, more people will then be able to get the proper treatment and help.


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