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I study and live in London and China. During my undergraduate study, I painted oil painting for four years, and I focused on using oil painting as a carrier to give responses for some social events. During this period, I participated in many exhibitions with different themes with oil painting. At the same time, as a curator, I’ve curated a number of exhibitions covering various forms of works, such as oil paintings, traditional Chinese paintings, performance art and installation artworks. After finishing the undergraduate courses, I began to try more ways to express my views as an art work. Now I am a postgraduate student at the University of the Arts London. Most of my work focuses on the problems posed by different groups of forces in Chinese society, and in my art practice, I examine problematic aspects of contemporary life in an interesting and approachable way. I am particularly interested in economic issues and the issue of extreme emotions, and try to use the audience's reflection in the exhibition space as part of the work. In my art practice, the feedback of the audience is the important part, I usually add interactive elements to my works, I hope that the audience can participate in the art practice.


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