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Saskia Holman - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Bespoke Tailoring

About me

I am an organised and disciplined individual who believes that time management is paramount in any working environment. I give any task my full attention and work swiftly while also being assiduous. My impeccable eye for detail goes in hand with my being tenacious with any piece of work. Furthermore, I enjoy working in dynamic atmospheres where I can be a part of a diverse team, driving my interest in learning new techniques and encouraging me to be innovative. I often find the inspiration behind my personal projects is revealed to me while out in nature, whether that is by the sea, on the moors, or in the woods. I find that my inspiration is gifted to me through observing nature. Through my process of design, I hope that I can enlighten my audience about ideas that are important for humans to understand. So we can become more present, live consciously, and learn from nature's hidden messages.


Portfolio projects

Sacred Geometry

Added 8 February #art #foundation

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