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Background: The background of my project is that in Japan and China, some people are very fond of virtual electronic characters. They are addicted to the perfect image of men or women created in the game. These characters are often set as beautiful or handsome, powerful and charming. The task of the game is to develop romantic relationships with these people, and these games are collectively referred to as "GALGAME". A typical example is the game " LOVEPLUS " released in 2007. In this game, the time in the game passes at the same speed as the reality, so it brings people a very strong sense of immersion. Some people around me who have experienced this game even call the characters in the game their "first love". I think this reflects a unique loneliness of modern people and the need for emotional communication. In the process of research, I found some materials that can make people think of "loneliness", "virtual", "data", and can show emotional communication (I think gesture is a strong symbol of expression and communication, so I found some pictures of my hands).At the beginning of this project, I chose wolves as a medium to express my ideas, because I think wolves can represent the loneliness of modern people to a certain extent. Although wolves are social animals, the relationship between each wolf and each wolf is not close. I think they are more likely to gather together under the pressure of survival, just as some people in the city have to live in a small place with many people because of the pressure of survival. Although they are surrounded by people, their hearts are very lonely. So I made a lot of sketches about wolves. But later I felt that this idea was not objective enough. Maybe some people thought wolves were united animals, so I finally chose "Moon" and "digital human or robot" to express my idea. I think the moon represents a kind of loneliness and desire for emotion because, the moon is beautiful but people can't touch it. The moon represents the night, and the night is lonely. The "digital human or robot" represents the virtual game plot, so I drew some sketches about them.At the beginning of the project, I wanted to show my works in the form of animation. For this reason, I learnt 3D software modeling, but because my modeling technology was not enough to show my ideas, I finally chose to show my ideas in the form of illustration. At the same time, I also designed a model, which is an image of "electronic angel". Originally, I intended to print it in 3D, but it failed because many manufacturers closed down during the epidemic. In the process of studying my project, I studied an artist named Aokabi Saya. She is a very young Japanese artist. She is good at redrawing Japanese animation popular in the 1990s in her own way. Her works have a sense of uncertainty and mystery, which can remind people of many things and plots, which is what I like and want to learn. The second reason why I chose her as an artist for my research is that my project is related to the ACG culture of Japan (that is, animation and games), and most of her works are about this theme. In my project, I also try to learn her way, combining the characters in traditional games with modern geometric shapes. In the process of exploring the project, I learned how to use computer drawing better. At the same time, I used some computer drawing skills to increase the texture and texture of the picture, so that my work looks more detailed. I also learned how to use 3D software, although not very skilled, but have been able to show some of my ideas, they have been a great help for the development of my project.In the process of my work progress, I encountered a problem of "how to use my own painting method to drive the audience's association and emotion". I really want the audience to have a very shocking feeling when they see my work and let them think what I want to express, so as to cause them to think about my theme project. In other words, I want to make my picture look very powerful. I think the impact of the picture comes from the contrast between the composition and the black, white and grey of the picture. For example, a small and shining moon appears in a very open and dark picture, which makes people think of "loneliness". So I drew a lot of sketches in the process of work development and try to combine different elements.In fact, I don't think my organization and planning of the project was very successful. Due to my illness, I wasted a lot of time, resulting in a lot of great ideas. I didn't have enough time to finish them, but the production schedule urged me to finish the project to a certain extent, otherwise I might not be able to finish it.In the progress of the project, I think reflection is very helpful to me. For example, at the beginning of the project, I chose wolf as the theme to paint, but through reflection, I finally chose the theme of moon and robot. In the process of painting, I kept modifying my works, which made my works look more perfect. I usually modify them through the suggestions of my tutors and classmates. I think this is also one of the improvements brought by "evaluation and reflection".I usually use a sketchbook and notebook to show and convey my creative process. I like to use pencil to draw drafts on paper. Although computer drawing is easier to modify, when I hold a pencil in my hand, I will draw more freely and have more spirit. So I like to draw the general effect I want on the sketchbook now, and record my creative inspiration with words, and then draw more delicate and perfect works with Photoshop.


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