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Taifa Asinari di San Marzano - Graduate

London College of Communication

BA (Hons) Design Management

About me

Throughout my studies I have come to get to know the role of a design manager as the responsibility of getting together the tools, the people, the building upon a strategy that takes all of the participants to enable the execution of an idea. It is the combination of creativity and business. It requires an entrepreneurial attitude and to be open-minded to find innovation and apply the technical base into practice. I believe the skills of a design manager should be a balance between hard skills, so to have a route of practice, a framework. But the soft skills play an important role as well. Cognitive flexibility, this will allow the practice to work across disciplines and industries, creativity to overcome obstacles and uncertainty, to be able to look at issues from different perspectives, also defined as critical thinking. To keep a curious mind to understand the roots of the system of things.For the development of projects I like to immerse myself into the process and know how of the main issue, or to understand the some discipline in depth so to better come up with solutions, here is also why I value a team of diverse skills that can contribute to the project. Within the ideation for the construction of ideas and concepts I wish to find cultural aspects that can be linked and applied as past of the storyline of elements in context. 


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